Moving Hyperbarics To Main Stream

LyfeWell Hyperbarics, LLC is the vision of our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Larry Butler, who for over forty years has achieved an impressive track record of excellence with the formation of a diversity of businesses - the latest of which being hyperbaric oxygen medicine.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine, although not new, has existed in the background for decades, but is quickly approaching a tipping point and indeed  "Moving Hyperbarics from Slow Stream to Main Stream".
LyfeWell's core competency is identifying and partnering with specialized surgical medical practices that recognize the merit of providing hyperbaric therapy for their patients, but lack the "Hands-On" experience and resources necessary for fulfillment.

Our Mission

At LyfeWell, our mission is to balance clinical excellence with safe, high-quality, "best-of-brand" hyperbaric care for the patients of our partners while also providing evidence through the process of education.

Our Vision

Above all else, our vision is for LyfeWell Hyperbarics to always exhibit our core commitment to the care and improvement of human life.

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