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LyfeWell's History & Our Future

LyfeWell is the vision of our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Larry Butler, who for over forty years has maintained a track record of excellence with the formation of a diversity of businesses. LyfeWell officially opened the doors of its first stand-alone clinic in March of 2017, and has served hundreds of patients seeking relief from a wide spectrum of health conditions and injuries.

The company has plans to expand its present facility and begin a rapid expansion in order to serve the multitude of patients waiting to benefit from LyfeWell's standard of HBOT excellence.

Our Mission

At LyfeWell, our mission is to balance clinical excellence with safe, high-quality, compassionate care for our patients while providing evidence through the process of education when it comes to the matter of alternative healthcare in America.

Additionally, we place the utmost importance upon providing our patients and their families with a superior level of customer service. To that end, we actively seek feedback from our patients, and we value that feedback and use the information on an ongoing basis to continually improve and enhance our customers’ experiences.

Our state-of-the-art hyperbaric facilities pioneer leading-edge procedures and protocols and allow us to maintain this commitment to uncompromising standards each and every day.

We conduct ongoing, thorough, and extensive evaluations of our quality, performance and patient safety outcomes (for on-label and off-label HBOT services), to ensure our continuous compliance with national, state and local accreditation, certification and regulatory requirements.

Our Vision

Above all else, our vision is for LyfeWell Hyperbarics to be the private center of choice for insurance providers, physicians, patients and employees by always keeping in mind that our core commitment is to the care and improvement of human life.

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