1. Enhanced Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps Parkinson’s Disease

    Neurological disorders are diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. In other words, the brain, spinal cord, cranial nerves, peripheral nerves, nerve roots, autonomic nervous system, neuromuscular junction, and muscles. These disorders include epilepsy, Alzheimer disease and other dementias, cerebrovascular diseases including stroke, migraine and other headache disorders, multiple sc…Read More

  2. The Benefits of Enhanced Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Diabetes, Nerve Pain and Wound Care

    People who have diabetes may have had the metabolic disease for their whole life or may have just been diagnosed recently. While many people learn to live with the symptoms of diabetes, it is important to know there are diabetic treatments with a proven track-record of healing. The LyfeWell Alternative Healing Center has such a treatment available: E-HBOT. This treatment is a non-medical, non-surg…Read More

  3. Accidents Happen: Heal Faster at LyfeWell

    LyfeWell is proud of our state-of-the-art alternative healthcare center. We utilize the largest and "best of brand" hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers available in North America. A recent LyfeWell patient had a sports accident requiring  9 stitches in her forehead. (Check out the before and after pictures above) After just 4 therapy sessions at LyfeWell and in only 5 days time, the stitches were …Read More

  4. Plenty Of Room To Breathe

    LyfeWell is proud of our state-of-the-art alternative healthcare center. One reason is because we utilize the largest off label hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers available in North America. Imagine being in one LyfeWell's very large and comfortable hyperbaric oxygen chambers for over 60 minutes while you breath in 97% pure oxygen during pressurization. It is not unusual for our patients to  beco…Read More

  5. Enhanced Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Help Stress

    Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out lately? Do things seem to bother you more in recent days than they used to? Do you seem to notice having less energy and stamina no matter what the task is you are attempting to achieve? Has your "get-up-and-go" seem to have "got-up-and-gone"? If so, try this simple exercise - Take a deep breath.....Really...Stop for a minute while you read this and take a deep…Read More

  6. Understanding Migraines and Enhanced Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    Almost 5 million in the U.S. experience at least one migraine attack per month, while more than 11 million people blame migraines for causing moderate to severe disability. Migraines occur most often in: Women (18 percent of women compared to 6 percent of men) When all else has failed, why not consider enhanced hyperbaric oxygen therapy from LyfeWell. It is proven method for eliminating the freq…Read More

  7. Stroke Patients Benefit From Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    Treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can lead to significant neurologic improvements for stroke patients. Researchers have found that HBOT therapy produces noticeable improvements in stroke patients even as long as 3 years after the initial stroke event! When conventional treatments have ceased to deliver quantitive results and when all else has failed, why not consider enhanced hyperba…Read More

  8. Types Of Alternative Cancer Treatments

    In an effort to fight the cancerous monster that seems to be taking over your body, it’s helpful to consider different types of alternative cancer treatments that can be used alongside more traditional efforts. This can create a fully integrated health plan, with you feeling better and being cancer free as the end goal. LyfeWell Integrative Healthcare is a wellness center in Johns Creek, GA, jus…Read More

  9. Science and Technology Combine to Provide Health Therapy in Johns Creek

    LyfeWell Integrative Healthcare is using the latest science and technology to improve the quality of life for North Georgia residents who suffer from a wide variety of health conditions. LyfeWell, LLC is proud to announce the opening of its one-of-a-kind wellness center based in Johns Creek, Georgia. Through E-HBOT, Enhanced Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, the combined treatments of Hyperbaric Oxygen T…Read More

  10. How To Live A Better, Healthier Life

    Living a better, healthier life begins with a passion. As soon as you are passionate about making your body as healthy as it can be, the other elements of “being healthy” will fall into place. You can’t will yourself to be a healthier person, but the steps taken because of your passion for a better life can lead you to your end result. At LyfeWell, we believe that the secret to a better life…Read More