Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out lately? Do things seem to bother you more in recent days than they used to? Do you seem to notice having less energy and stamina no matter what the task is you are attempting to achieve? Has your “get-up-and-go” seem to have “got-up-and-gone”?

If so, try this simple exercise – Take a deep breath…..Really…Stop for a minute while you read this and take a deep, cleansing breath. Now take another. Be honest – don’t you feel wider awake and more alert after this simple exercise? Of course you do. The reason – You brought more oxygen, the fuel for life, into action and your whole body responded.

Now, imagine being in one of LyfeWell’s large and comfortable hyperbaric oxygen chambers for 60 minutes while you breath in 97% pure oxygen during pressurization. In fact, many of our patients become so relaxed they fall asleep while undergoing hyperbaric therapy.

The human body is amazing, and given the right environment, amazing things happen and without the need of invasive procedures or heavy medications.

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