Hyperbaric Plus™ Therapy can be an important part of a complementary and integrative cancer treatment program. It can increase blood oxygen levels quickly. It can pre-sensitise cancer cells so that more are killed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it can also reduce the side-effects from both. And, if used with the right diet to break down cancer’s protective hypoxic pocket, it can even result in oxygen getting inside the cancer cell and killing it. Thus it has the potential to be a terrific (and economical) aid to orthodox therapies.

Hyperbaric Plus™ Therapy Success in Treating Cancer Patients

  1. Research shows it is already used to good effect when used with radiotherapy where it does seem to reduce tissue damage and side-effects. 
  2. Some cancer centers use it to improve the uptake of chemotherapy drugs and improve results.
  3. When used in combination with a Ketogenic Diet, albeit in mice models, the benefits were significant. We would hypothesize from how it worked, that a Rainbow Diet would be just as good.
  4. Research has shown that Hyperbaric Plus™ Therapy can not only increase the level of oxygen in the body’s healthy and radiation damaged tissue but will increase the oxygen levels in cancer tumors. 

What is Hyperbaric Plus™ Therapy?

As a proven therapeutic procedure, HBOT involves a member being seated in a sealed and pressurized chamber where the individual breathes in pure oxygen. The intent of the therapy session is to allow the infusion of three times more oxygen into the bloodstream than normal. This influx of oxygen has been proven to provide relief for a number of ailments including infections, blood vessel bubbles, and injury recovery.

Each 90-minute session begins with PEMF therapy. Lying on a comfortable chaise lounge, you’ll receive approximately 20 minutes of PEMF signal delivery. These therapeutic electrical stimulations are then followed by 60 minutes in our in-clinic hyperbaric chambers.

Available in either of our 46-inch or 60-inch vertical chambers, HBOT sessions feel much like being on an airplane. As soon as you’ve adjusted to the pressure, you’ll need to clear your ears; after which, you’ll feel complete quiet and comfort within the chamber.

Roomy and comfortable, each chamber allows you enough room to bring blankets, pillows, a tablet or cell phone with you, allowing time to pass more quickly. It is not unusual, however, for members to simply fall asleep during their treatments as each chamber includes comfortable seating. We also provide each member with a two-way radio in order to ensure access to communication with your LyfeWell technician.

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