People who have diabetes may have had the metabolic disease for their whole life or may have just been diagnosed recently. While many people learn to live with the symptoms of diabetes, it is important to always keep an eye out for diabetes treatments. LyfeWell Integrative HealthCare has such a treatment available: Hyperbaric Plus™. This treatment is a non-medical, non-surgical treatment that helps provide relief and alleviate symptoms of diabetic wounds, a symptom of diabetes that can be painful and irritating to say the least. In order to best understand how Hyperbaric Plus™ can be used as a diabetic wound treatment, it is first essential to understand what the wounds are and how diabetic wounds are formed.

Diabetic wounds are often created because the diabetic person suffers from high levels of blood glucose. Over time, these high levels can affect the nerves and cause poor circulation. With low circulation the wound site cannot receive enough blood to heal the wound, causing it to be consistently opened and irritated. Moreover, diabetic wounds are typically formed because this decrease in nerve sensation causes a delay in the mind registering the wound. More often than not, an injury can be prevented or healed before it gets too bad if it is visibly seen.

Hyperbaric Plus™ Treatment For Diabetes & Diabetic Wounds

Diabetes is a problem because of the unregulated blood sugar levels, which we’ve just learned can lead to poor circulation. Hyperbaric Plus™ is a technological combination of two well-known therapies that increase blood flow and provide more oxygen to the body in general: pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Together, these therapies (known as Hyperbaric Plus™ at LyfeWell) work to enhance the amount of blood flowing through the body and to supply pure oxygen to the cells.

Hyperbaric Plus™ is essential for healing diabetic wounds because it increases blood circulation and adds more oxygen to the system when the blood sugar levels have tried to cause the body to act otherwise. This therapy helps heal open wounds.

What To Expect During Treatment

Hyperbaric Plus™ is a unique, proprietary combination of science and technology. Patients enter an enclosed capsulefor a 90-minute session that begins with PEMF. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy lasts for about 20 minutes.  Then, the patient begins HBOT. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy delivers three times as much oxygen to the body than the body typically receives on a daily basis. Even though we all breathe oxygen, we are actually inhaling other pollutants that live in the air as well. Inside the chamber, though, the body experiences the healing effects of pure oxygen. Many people say the initial pressure of the oxygen feels similar to flying in an airplane; we recommend popping your ears after a few moments of HBOT.

Even though Hyperbaric Plus™ takes place inside an enclosed capsule, it is very comfortable. Patients can choose between a 46-inch or 60-inch vertical chamber that comes with a luxurious chaise lounge. Some patients bring in a pillow and blanket for a nap while others choose to bring a smart device to provide entertainment. Patients are also given a two-way radio that connects directly to a staff member who is ready to address any needs or concerns during the treatment.

Learn How LyfeWell Hyperbaric Can Help You

Since Hyperbaric Plus™ is a revolutionary and proprietary merge of science and technology at LyfeWell, we invite all potential patients to our alternative wellness center in Johns Creek, GA, for an initial visit. During this visit, we provide a tour of the facility, an overview of the Hyperbaric Plus™ capsules, and an opportunity to ask any and all questions that may be on the mind.

Your comfort and health are our priorities at LyfeWell. We believe that science and technology can be engineered to deliver a healthier you as you seek treatment for your diabetes or diabetic wounds!

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