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LyfeWell Integrative HealthCare Offers A Sports Performance And Sports Injury Treatment Program That Will Get Athletes In The Game With A Reduced Risk Of Reinjury.

LyfeWell works with athletes of all levels to provide the enhanced rest and rejuvenation the body needs to continue to thrive while playing. E-HBOT can improve sports performance, and if you’ve been injured, we want you to get back to doing what you love as fast as possible.

Who Is LyfeWell?

LyfeWell Integrative HealthCare specializes in healing the body naturally, with the help of science and technology. At our alternative wellness center, we use E-HBOT, or enhanced hyperbaric oxygen therapy, to treat athletes for sports injury or to improve baseline performance. E-HBOT is a proprietary treatment that combines two rejuvenating therapies: hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) to deliver restorative health benefits.

E-HBOT: Enhanced Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Enhanced hyperbaric oxygen therapy at LyfeWell focuses on two necessary bodily functions. Our first goal is to increase blood flow throughout the circulatory system, and the second goal is to increase the amount of pure oxygen given to the body.

Together, more oxygen flowing accurately through the body promotes healing by naturally strengthening the body to heal on its own. There is no medication and no surgery in this treatment, which is why many athletes find it their preferred performance enhancement strategy or healing therapy from sports injuries.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

E-HBOT treatment begins with 20 minutes of PEMF, which sends tiny electrical currents through the body. The increase in current is slight to the touch, but the healing impacts are lasting. PEMF aids in healing musculoskeletal injuries by increasing the amount of ions and electrons flowing through the body, especially into the body’s cell membranes. This increases the blood flow.


The remainder of the 90-minute treatment is centered around HBOT so the body can receive pure oxygen. HBOT takes place inside a large enclosed chamber that is filled with pure oxygen. The body is exposed to three times as much pure oxygen as is in the air we breathe. The pure oxygen promotes inflammation reduction, open wound healing, stress reduction, and more.

Sports Therapy With E-HBOT

The body is constantly evolving, especially the body of an athlete. Whether you are a novice, a weekend warrior, or a professional athlete, E-HBOT treatment can provide a unique form of sports therapy. The increased blood flow and oxygen given to the body helps the body perform as it would if it were not exposed to toxins daily. There’s no doubt that the level of intensity in sports has grown in the past decade. E-HBOT gets down to the biochemical, cellular, and physiological levels of the body, treating injuries and lacking performance capabilities from the foundation.

No matter how you injured yourself while playing your sport, LyfeWell can help treat your injury quickly and without medicine or surgery. Oxygen is a stimulant for the body, so the increased levels of oxygen help the body to repair and regenerate the cells and tissues surrounding the injuries. Since this is a wholistic therapy, the risk of reinjury is reduced because treatment begins at the cellular level, leaving less room for injury moving forward.

More About How E-HBOT Treatment At LyfeWell

LyfeWell strives for every patient to leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and on the path to a better life through optimal wellness. E-HBOT treatment is 90 minutes per session and takes place inside a large, enclosed chamber so the body can be exposed to three times as much oxygen. The patient can choose between a chamber that is 45-inches or 60-inches in height, both of which have a comfortable chaise lounge inside.

Many patients bring along a pillow and blanket for a nap during treatment, while others pack their smart device to provide some entertainment. Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible, so we always give patients a two-way radio that connects directly to a staff member willing to assist with any patient needs.

New Member Orientation

Every patient at LyfeWell receives a free, 45-minute orientation to learn more about our alternative wellness center in Johns Creek, to see the E-HBOT chamber first hand, and to ask any and all questions to our doctor and staff about how E-HBOT treatment can help improve sports performance and heal sports injuries.

Relaxed Healing

The health of our members is what drives our practice forward. We believe that science and technology can be uniquely engineered to deliver a healthier you.

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