Anxiety, stress, and depression can be debilitating. One moment everything is fine, and the next there is nothing more a person may want than to crawl inside their metaphoric turtle shell and escape. These disorders can be treated, meaning those who experience depression, stress, and anxiety have an opportunity to regain full mental control and increase their healthy lifestyle. In order to understand how LyfeWell fits in with Hyperbaric Plus™ for stress treatment and depression treatment, we must first understand the nature of how these disorders work.

Anxiety, stress, and depression are mental health disorders that may be caused by an abnormal activity of neural circuits. These disorders are very common; as many as 6 million people in the United States have clinical anxiety and/or depression, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. In the most recent decades, neuroscientists have devoted efforts to learning more about how emotion, learning, and memory impact health. In this case, it is believed that dysfunction within and between neural circuits leads to disturbances in emotional and cognitive behaviors, resulting in depressing symptoms.

Hyperbaric Plus™ Treatment For Stress And Depression

The basis of Hyperbaric Plus™ derives from scientific proof that both hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) are therapies that provide restorative health benefits, specifically via increased oxygen levels and enhanced blood flow. These two factors relieve stress throughout the entire body because the body receives the amount of oxygen it needs (without pollutants) and the increased blood flow helps the body run more efficiently.

A study by the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, conducted in August 2014, found that, “a group of patients … demonstrated improvement in a number of physical, psychological, and cognitive measured when tested within a week of completing 30 days of HBOT.” By increasing blood flow (through PEMF) and supplying pure oxygen to the body (through HBOT), Hyperbaric Plus™ treatment allows more oxygen to infiltrate the nervous system and remove waste, in hopes of improving circuitry connections and decreasing depressing and distressing symptoms.

What To Expect During Treatment

Hyperbaric Plus™ treatment at LyfeWell Integrative HealthCenter is a proprietary treatment that combines HBOT and PEMF into one treatment. The treatment takes place inside an enclosed capsule, but there is plenty of room to get comfortable. Many patients pack a pillow and blanket to take a nap, while others bring along a smart device to provide entertainment. Patients are also given a two-way radio that connects directly to a staff member who is ready to address any needs or concerns during the treatment.

Each treatment is 90 minutes and begins with PEMF therapy. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy signals the cells in the body to activate and open, which increases blood flow. After about 20 minutes, the patient begins HBOT treatment in which the capsule fills with three times as much oxygen as a person is typically exposed to in a given day. This is pure oxygen that hasn’t been contaminated with the disgusting pollutants in our atmosphere today. Many people describe the pressure of the oxygen as if they are ascending in an airplane. After a few moments, we recommend popping your ears and then relaxing, allowing the science and technology to get to work healing the stress and depression your body is facing.

Learn More About How LyfeWell Can Help You

If you are interested in receiving stress and depression treatment at LyfeWell please schedule your initial visit at our wellness center in Johns Creek, GA. During your initial visit, new patients receive a tour of the facility, an overview of the chambers, and an opportunity to ask any questions.

LyfeWell strives to bring science and technology to you in hopes of relieving the stress and depression in your life. We believe that science and technology are engineered to deliver a healthier you.

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