A stroke is often a medical problem that many people do not survive. So while the road to stroke recovery may seem like a tough one ahead, we welcome the struggle because you are alive! If you or a loved one recently suffered a stroke, you may notice symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, cognitive and memory problems, emotional changes, and more. While it may seem like it’s an entirely new life to live, stroke treatment doesn’t have to be painful and packed full of medications.

LyfeWell Integrative HealthCenter offers Hyperbaric Plus™ treatment for stroke recovery; this is a non-medical, non-surgical treatment that combines science and technology to help deliver healing results. In order to best understand how Hyperbaric Plus™ can act as a healing treatment for a stroke, it is necessary to understand what causes some of these underlying symptoms one may experience during stroke recovery.

First, a stroke is initially caused because the blood supply to the brain is cut off or interrupted. Following the survival of a stroke, a person faces a tough recovery as there are underlying problems that caused the blood supply to be disrupted or interrupted. Strokes often cause brain damage that leads to the aforementioned symptoms during recovery.

Hyperbaric Plus™ Treatment For Those Who Have Suffered A Stroke

Hyperbaric Plus™ is a proprietary treatment at LyfeWell that combines two well-known healing therapies: pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). In conjunction, these two therapies increase the blood flow and introduce oxygen to the body, both of which promote the body to accelerate natural healing.

Since the stroke was initially caused by restricted blood flow, it is obvious that an increase in blood flow is a positive benefit of Hyperbaric Plus™ for those who have suffered a stroke. Moreover, an addition of oxygen to the body encourages cells to work at their full potential, helping the brain to recover and heal the places that were damaged during the stroke. Ultimately, the goal is to have reduced all underlying symptoms caused by the stroke through repetitive Hyperbaric Plus™ treatment sessions.

What To Expect During Treatment

Hyperbaric Plus™ treatment is a comfortable experience for a majority of patients. It takes place inside an enclosed capsule; patients can choose between a 45-inch or 60-inch vertical capsule. Inside, we want our patients to be as comfortable as possible. Each chamber has a chaise lounge inside, so we invite patients to bring along a pillow and blanket to snuggle in for a nap. Bring along a smart device to provide entertainment during the treatment. Every patient is given a two-way radio that connects directly to a staff member who can assist with any questions or concerns during therapy.

Each session is 90 minutes and begins with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. This process helps increase blood flow throughout the entire body. Following PEMF, the hyperbaric oxygen therapy begins. HBOT is a pressurized oxygen therapy that uses three times as much oxygen to help deliver the proper element to our cells. The pressure from the HBOT is often compared to flying in an airplane, and many patients feel the need to pop their ears a few moments after the HBOT portion of treatment begins. As soon as this happens, feel free to kick back, relax, and enjoy the healing.

Learn More About How LyfeWell Can Help You

Every patient at our alternative wellness center begins treatment with an initial visit. Your initial visit includes a complete tour of our facility, an overview of the Hyperbaric Plus™ chamber, and a complete Q&A session with our team. We invite anyone who may be on the road to stroke recovery to reach out to our team to schedule orientation and begin treatment; we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results of Hyperbaric Plus™ in your life.

It is our goal to use science and technology that is engineered to deliver a healthier you!

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