1. Hyperbaric Helped My Chronic Lower Back Pain

    "My second time with LyfeWell's PEMF and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy I noticed some relief in my chronic lower back pain and a higher energy level. Great service, and both Larry and Christie are very knowledgeable and helpful!"…Read More

    S. Schwertfager, Johns Creek, GA
  2. Lyfewell Hyperbaric – Friendly Staff with Great Service

    LyfeWell has friendly staff with great service. The hyperbaric oxygen treatments are easy to coordinate and easier to use.…Read More

    M. Martinez, Lawrenceville, GA
  3. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helped My Planters Fasciitis Heal

    The enhanced hyperbaric oxygen therapy at LyfeWell is incredible. I have been suffering from planters fasciitis for months and decided to give them a try. The combination of the PEMF and hyperbaric treatments have helped my foot heal. As a bonus, I feel reinvigorated after my treatments. I will definitely continue to use these therapies and refer to friends. Thank you for professional services …Read More

    K. Coleman, Alpharetta, GA
  4. Hyperbaric Treatment Helped My Autistic Son

    I highly recommend LyfeWell for hyperbaric treatment. My son, who currently has autistic spectrum disorder (asd), has made considerable progress since the beginning of his hyperbaric treatment. He has experienced noticeable improvements in speech development and cognitive abilities. For families experiencing challenges with a child on the autism spectrum, I encourage you to not give up. Ask God fo…Read More

    K. Nietmann, Norcross, GA
  5. After cancer surgery hyperbaric oxygen treatments helped my body heal

    I had surgery for cancer about six months ago. Lyfewell's hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been really amazing. During my first Enhanced Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (E-HBOT) session I slept so soundly that I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I felt so much better, and felt an increase in energy and less pain from my surgery. The increased blood flow and oxygen levels have helped my body to heal itse…Read More

    A. Crozier, Cumming GA
  6. Lyfewell’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy helped my golf overuse injuries

    Lyfewell’s hyperbaric oxygen therapies have helped me address golf related overuse injuries. The combination of the Bemer's pulse electromagnetic field therapy and the hyperbaric chamber have allowed me to recover quickly from playing too many rounds of golf in one weekend or overdoing it at the gym!…Read More

    K. Brantley, Johns Creek, GA
  7. Every athlete with a sports injury should try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    Thanks to LyfeWell's hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Larry Butler and Loren Seagrave. The hyperbaric oxygen treatments are the best thing in the world for putting oxygen back into an athlete's body. Additionally, using the Pulse Electromagnetic Field Treatment before entering the hyperbaric chamber takes the treatment to another level. I recommend every athlete use this to raise their performance to th…Read More

    K. Freeman, Decatur, GA
  8. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helped My Autistic Daughter

    "My daughter was diagnosed with autism and has been receiving enhanced hyperbaric oxygen therapy E-HBOT at LyfeWell along with dietary changes and intense therapy. My family is so thankful beyond words that she makes eye contact, is following simple commands,  can sit still for longer periods, and her increased impulse control has tremendously improved the quality of our lives. My daughter was no…Read More

    D. Smith, Lilburn, GA
  9. After Plastic Surgery I Tried Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    Lyfewell's hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment center is a terrific new gem in Johns Creek! Larry Butler, founder, has coined a unique combination of hyperbaric oxygen treatments with PEMF for an ENHANCED healing experience. Following my plastic surgery procedure, I purchased a series of 90 minute sessions in hopes of reducing my recovery time and to minimize the typical scarring associated with …Read More

    D. Love, Johns Creek, GA
  10. Diabetic Wound Completely Healed

    I’m 79 and have had type 2 diabetes for over 20 years. For the past 6 years I’ve had neuropathy in both feet, which has left me with little feeling and prone to infection. On November 30th, 2017 I noticed additional redness and swelling in my right foot but I couldn’t get an appointment with my podiatrist until December 6th. The condition worsened, so I decided to go to the emergency room wh…Read More

    P. Pifer, Cumming, GA