A recent LyfeWell patient had a sports accident requiring  9 stitches in her forehead. (Check out the before and after pictures above) After just 4 therapy sessions at LyfeWell and in only 5 days time, the stitches were removed and the amount of healing that had taken placed shocked her attending physician.

LyfeWell is proud of our state-of-the-art alternative healthcare center. We utilize the largest and “best of brand” hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers available in North America.

The human body is amazing, and given the right environment and the application of additional oxygen and blood flow, amazing things can happen, without the need of invasive procedures or medications. 

If you would like a preview of our clinic, click this link  watch this short video.

Give us a call at: (770) 629 0093 or go to our web site to book at appointment: www.LyfeWell.com

LyfeWell – A Faster Pathway To Healing !

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